Breaking Free from the Stress, Fear, and Control of Money


"For the love of money is the root of all evil"

If we are going to understand how money is the root of all evil, we need to first understand what is money? Academics define money as a medium of exchange; a store of value; and a tally of production. But, is that what we have with our current monetary system? Understanding the difference between real money and fiat paper (currency) could keep you from losing your entire wealth.

Silver Sunrise Documentary Trailer 1

SILVER SUNRISE delves into the stress, fear and control that money exerts over our lives.

Despite its essential role in Society, many feel enslaved by money's grip. SILVER SUNRISE explores the emotional and mental toll money takes on individuals and Society - but spares us complex economic jargon. Instead the documentary questions why money drives
everything from love affairs and conflicts to the rise and fall of empires, uncovering hidden mechanisms of control few are aware of.

SILVER SUNRISE takes us on an historic journey, tracing the evolution of money from tribal barter, to gold and silver, from paper and debt to money made out of mere electrons: digital currencies including CBDCs, the controversial Central Bank Digital Currency proposed by the latest crop of Monetary Scientists. In short, SILVER SUNRISE sheds light on the endless manipulation of money by governments and their partners in the banking cartel hell-bent on exploiting modern civilization with debt, war and unjust enrichment.

Featuring interviews with ordinary individuals and experts, SILVER SUNRISE offers solutions to alleviate the overwhelming stress and fear associated with money. Envisioning a world where a fair and honest monetary system could replace the current oppressive spiritual trap, SILVER SUNRISE challenges viewers to reevaluate their love-hate relationship with money and postulate a new, brighter future.

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